LuraSmile – “Smile By Design”

LuraSmile Veneers will deliver you the smile you always wanted to have in 2 easy steps. The LuraSmile Veneer will help you have that perfect smile by fixing your teeth that are stained, broken, crooked, have unsightly gaps or even if you have teeth that are too small. LuraSmile Labs will design you a new smile which will be placed by an approved LuraSmile expert. This is all done with no invasive surgery or the harming of your healthy teeth structure.

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Our passion is your smile – so we provide the highest quality ‘Smile By Design’

Find out today if LuraSmile Veneers ‘Smile By Design’ are right for you.

LuraSmile Design

LuraSmile Labs has some of the most experienced dental veneer design artisans working for them. All veneers are created using the most cutting edge technology while combining the skills of the dental design artisans in creating each LuraSmile veneer individually.

LuraSmile with pride

Over the years our teeth will gradually deteriorate to the point we are not happy with how the world see’s our smile. By choosing to have our LuraSmile Veneers we can help you start to Smile With Pride again

LuraSmile Tips

We want to help you maintain your smile, even if you wait for your LuraSmile Veneers, we want to make sure you know all the ways you can care for your current smile. These recommendations come directly from our dentists who care for hundreds of smiles every day.